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Land Rarity There are five tiers of land rarity

Land NFTRarity Tier






Land Level

There are five levels of land. Every player starts at Level 1, regardless of your land's rarity. Players can upgrade Land to 5 levels by spending $ASG to progress. The higher the level, the greater the challenge and the more rewarding the outcomes. Land Richness Point

Land Richness is the energy level for each land. Each point of Richness allows you to start a run in City of Greed and is deducted when you experience a "Game Over." Here are a few important details to remember about Land Richness:

  • Each land (depending on its rarity) will have its own amount of Land Richness. The rarer your Land is, the higher its Land Richness will be. Therefore, having a rarer Land means you can play, earn, and lose many more times before you need to pay Enrich fees again.

  • Each point of Richness is deducted when you fail to pay your taxes and your land gets reset.

  • Once the Richness reaches 0, you cannot start a new game with your land.

  • Richness will automatically recover every day. Players can also consume the Enrich Potion to recover the richness immediately.

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