1. Land NFT

To play and earn in City of Greed, players need to own a Land NFT and import it to the game.

Different from the normal land development mechanics, the Land in City of Greed acts as a board that contains 20 plots in a 5x4 grid that functions like the slots on a slot machine. Each turn, players can roll the Resources they have acquired, which function like cards in a deckbuilding game, onto the land plots to activate their effects and earn them in-game currency $ASG.

With more than 300+ different Resources and Items, players can create many different strategies to build up the value of their deck, which represents the earning potential of their Land.


Land development centers on Resources. Each Resource boasts unique earning mechanics and special interactions, culminating in combos that bolster income. Following each turn, players can opt to acquire 1 out of 3 randomly generated Resources in the Resource Shop. The more lucrative the resource combos, the greater the Land's value.


Items deliver special bonuses with distinct effects, available after each Tax Cycle. Similar to Resources, players can opt to acquire 1 out of 3 randomly spawned Items. A single item can be acquired per shop, cultivating strategic decision-making prowess and curtailing strategy exploitation. Items cannot be moved to other lands or taken out of the game. Types of items:

  • Permanent Items: Bestow perpetual effects on your land.

  • Expirable Items: Provide effects for a designated number of turns.

  • Trigger Items: Elicit effects upon specific conditions.

  • Activation Items: Activate upon player's manual command.

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