🎡Why play City of Greed?

Rougelike deck-builder with an addicting Gambling feel.

Simple & Addicting

Recall the captivating excitement of slot machines and arcade games? Experience that sensation and beyond with the City of Greed. Here, you wield direct influence over odds through strategic deck-building choices, gaining instant rewards for every roll, reflective of your effort.

The core of this game loop is easily accessible, streamlining player actions while emphasizing the deck-building process. More than 300 resources & items create thousands of combinations for players to mix & match, and try their luck.

Strategy & Permadeath

With 300+ resources, players can mix and match, creating diverse strategies to maximize their earnings. Be a miner, bartender, cursed swordsman, or bounty hunter. Each resource and item has unique interactions, like destroying, spawning, or buffing others, creating dynamic combos.

Failing to discover effective combinations or picking the wrong resources can lead to missing a tax payment turn, resulting in players facing permadeath. Randomized shops and slot-machine rolls keep the game ever-changing & refreshing.

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