2. Gameplay

The objective of the game is very simple: Make as much Copper (points) as possible to pay tax and win the game by defeating the Mayor in a Boss Fight.

Earning Copper

Copper is the points system in the game which you roll to earn, pay tax, and defeat the boss. Players start with a small amount of Copper and a basic set of Resources.

The goal is to earn money from the Resources and Items players have acquired by rolling them onto the plots to activate their effects and adjacency bonuses.

Each turn, players can draw new Resources and Items from the pools and purchase them to be used for the next turn. Different Resources and Items have various effects that can interact with each other and influence your overall income.

With this, the core game activities revolve around making strategic decisions about which Resources and Items to buy or remove from their Land to create the best synergy and earnings.

Pay the tax

To continue operating your land, you need to pay Land Tax each Tax Cycle.

A Tax Cycle is a set amount of turns that are announced at the beginning of a new cycle. After that set amount of turns have passed, Tax is due, and you have to pay tax to continue operating your land and generating income. If you donโ€™t pay tax, your land will be reset to its original state with 5 default Resources, and you will also lose all Resources and Items in your inventory.

Defeat the Boss: The Greedy Mayor

The Mayor will start actively messing with your board to prevent you from paying the next tax in the late game. Your job is simple: continue rolling and making copper to deal damage in the same amount and defeat him.

  • Mayor Boss shows up after tax 10 and players will start fighting the Boss at tax 11

  • Mayor has his own skills to make you go bankrupt: Mayer employs a myriad of methods to punish players, at times introducing disadvantageous resources, and at other times, diminishing the impact of resources to make players struggle even more in their earnings.

Defeat him will earn you rewards. Please see 3. Rewards

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