👍Nekoverse: City of Greed

Welcome to the City of Greed, the first live game of Nekoverse IP

Roguelike Deck-building is a new genre of game that recently gains popularity with remarkable sales on Steam, despite just 100 new games in the last 3 years. We aim to breathe a new feel into this hybrid genre with a fun, quirky game that is called City of Greed, centered around one singular objective: MAKING MONEY. Essentially, City of Greed is a roguelike deck-builder designed with Web3 players in mind: players have a piece of land that operates like a slot machine, shuffling resource locations each turn. But unlike a standard slot machine where players look for 3 symbols in a row, resources have distinct rules and interactions, allowing skill-based strategy in forming effective combos. This blend of slot machine luck, roguelike permadeath, and strategy depth of deck-building offers engaging gameplay, easy to start yet challenging to master.

Blockchain technology elevates the game experience even more, introducing the potential to earn through Play-to-Earn (P2E) and expanding interactions to the Web3 ecosystem. Let’s learn more 👉

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