6. Currencies & Market System

Currency System:

  • $ASG: The on-chain token of City of Greed. Spend $ASG to Mint Land and purchase Greedy Coins inside the game

  • Greedy Coins: The off-chain in-game currency. Use $ASG to purchase Greedy Coins. Use Greedy Coins to purchase things in the Shop or Upgrade your land level. Greedy Coins cannot be converted back to ASG once purchased.

Copper is the points system that is used during a run only. It does not have an exchange value.

Market System:

The Market is the central hub for every purchase need in the game. In the Market, you can:

  • Mint a new land using $ASG

  • Purchase Greedy Coins with $ASG

  • Purchase Resource Pack that you can open to get helpful Resources to use in your next game.

  • Purchase Enrich Potion to immediately recover your Land Richness

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